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Héloise: a free spirit who puts her big heart in a beautiful tiny box.

Héloise Brion is the woman behind Miss Maggie's Kitchen. Her adventure started a year ago with a tiny recipe book she wrote for friends and family which has now grown into a flourishing business. She has developed a subscription to "seasonal boxes of treasures" and an e-shop. Her brand took shape almost as a succession of happy incidents, between loving people and sunny places. With a constant thread: her impeccable taste, her search for authenticity and a very big heart. Indeed, the rustic recipes are still here, but Héloise is also dedicated to doing good. As soon as her side-project became a business, she decided to give back 10% of sales to charity.

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Zoé Armbruster. From Styling Actors To Styling Plates: How This Cosmopolite Tastemaker Found Her Happy, Healthy Medium


Zoe is a Belgian-American food stylist, cookbook author, producer, artistic director who only two years ago was working as a Sales Manager for a San Francisco-based start-up. Nine published books and a whirlwind of projects later, she is now back to her hometown of Paris, where she co-founded a new company with her partner: Zoe and Blaise.

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