Héloise: a free spirit who puts her big heart in a beautiful tiny box.

Héloise Brion is the woman behind Miss Maggie's Kitchen. Her adventure started a year ago with a tiny recipe book she wrote for friends and family which has now grown into a flourishing business. She has developed a subscription to "seasonal boxes of treasures" and an e-shop. Her brand took shape almost as a succession of happy incidents, between loving people and sunny places. With a constant thread: her impeccable taste, her search for authenticity and a very big heart. Indeed, the rustic recipes are still here, but Héloise is also dedicated to doing good. As soon as her side-project became a business, she decided to give back 10% of sales to charity.

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Roanna Benn and Jude Liknaitzky. How the duo of Executive Producers behind Doctor Foster cast a spell on British TV, hypnotizing millions with gripping women’s stories.

I truly believe that nothing in the world is stronger than a woman with a grand dream. Except perhaps, two women sharing the same grand dream.

Roanna Benn and Jude Liknaitzky are two Executive Producers who are running their own independent TV production company in London called Drama Republic, which they founded with Greg Brenman in 2013. Roanna and Jude are the embodiment of a beautiful, powerful and fulfilling  creative partnership. As a duo of women Executive Producers, they have focused their work on women-centered narratives with strong female leads. Their productions include such acclaimed TV series as My Mad Fat Diary and Doctor Foster – all griping women’s stories.  

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Zoé Armbruster. From Styling Actors To Styling Plates: How This Cosmopolite Tastemaker Found Her Happy, Healthy Medium


Zoe is a Belgian-American food stylist, cookbook author, producer, artistic director who only two years ago was working as a Sales Manager for a San Francisco-based start-up. Nine published books and a whirlwind of projects later, she is now back to her hometown of Paris, where she co-founded a new company with her partner: Zoe and Blaise.

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